The capital of the golf is among the four capitals

From ancient times people were attracted to the vastness of the breathing space. Nature and history left a striking stamp in the surroundings of this ravaged Aukštaitija hills and the smell of Dzukija forest.

The rolling glaciers in this area have shaped the ground so that it is ideal for a golf course. Now here is the Pipiriskes Geomorphological Reserve protected by the state. Already in the III century here, between Zapurvis and Pasamanė lakes, a settlement with Juodakalnis hill has settled down. All four of Lithuania's historic capital cities - Kernavė, Trakai, Kaunas and Vilnius - created almost the same distance around this spectacular earthquake.

Once upon a time, the nobles of Kernavė and the Old Trakai hunted hills in these hills, fields and forests, today, the wonders of this nature can be enjoyed by Lithuanian and worldwide golfers.

Capitals Golf Club Opening

2005 In the autumn, the first 9 golf courses were opened, in 2006 July 6 The Capital City Golf Club and the remaining 9 yards were fully equipped. 2006 July 7 the solemn opening of the Capitals Golf Club and the 18th site. This date is considered the Capital of the Golf Club and the birthday of the event. Capitals Golf Club is the first professional 18-hole golf course in Lithuania.

Capitals Golf Club Activities

Since 2006 Golf season Capitals Golf Club started to develop not only the club's traditions, but also the whole of Lithuania's golf courses. During its first year of existence, the club has organized over 30 events and 250 events. Until the first club's birthday, a significant number of club members has been gathered - nearly 200 members have been sold. Since 2006 The Capo Golf Club's Pipiro Academy also has a new generation of golfers. 2007 In summer, a children's golf camp was organized. More and more women are coming to the golf course in 2006. founded a "women's club". Club members meet once a week, play golf, share skills, and have a nice time at the clubhouse restaurant. 2006-2007 In the winter, ski slopes were planned to be installed annually, taking into account weather conditions.


2008 The Capital Golf Course in the US magazine GOLF INK was selected as the best new 2008 project in the international division (the entire world except the United States). The project outpaced the "grenade" of the tournament as Jack Nicklaus's Designed Punta Espada Golf Club in the Dominican Republic and Pete Dye at the Mission Hills Golf Club in China.